A Variety Of Treat Options For Your Spoiled Pup

Organic Wheat-Free Treats

Did you know that wheat is one of the leading causes of illness in dogs? Not all dogs are allergic or react poorly to wheat. However, people who do will often turn out sick, nauseated, and downright miserable after enjoying it. If you’re pretty sure that your particular dog has a wheat allergy, or simply wish to ensure that the pet consumes the healthiest treat available on the market, consider organic wheat-free dog treats. Wheat-free treats are naturally healthy and come online and within about every pet shop you can think of. Most are baked using USDA certified organic grains. You can find them in as much flavors because regular variety including bacon, “breath-freshener”, beef, turkey, chicken, carrot banana, peanut butter, carob, etc.

Gourmet Dog Treats

Maybe you’ve never considered giving your pet a gourmet doggy treat, but feel comfortable knowing that they certainly exist. Gourmet dog treats are generally much tastier than organic or natural ones. Some of them are dipped in artificial chocolate flavor and vanilla, and some are actually professionally baked to taste the same as frozen treats. Although those treats are certainly not something you would need to get for your puppy each day, they’re wonderful for birthdays making a great occasional treat. The good news is that you have also organic gourmet dog treats as well as wheat-free, providing every pouch with something to take a look forward to.

Homemade Dog Treats

If you have the serious amounts of the supplies, you might wish to consider making your own personal. Some of the common ingredients include mashed sweet potatoes, apple puree, organic rye flour, organic barley flour, cinnamon, water, peanut butter, Parmesan cheese, milk, eggs, etc. As you can see, you can easily create some of the most tasty dog treats using some very basic recipes. A lot of pet-owners who need to save money usually prefer this route, as well as anyone who has dogs with diabetes and/or allergies.

Dog treats serve as a great way to let your pet understand that you care. They are also an easy way to ensure that your pet is obtaining all his required nutrition. In addition, they can also allow you to train your dog. For example, a lot of puppy owners uses treats in order to train their pets to sit down, rollover, along with make use of the bathroom outside. No matter what form of reward you decide to give your canine friend, it is usually comforting to are aware that there is a great, plethora of tasty and healthy treats available.