Dog Treats – Don’t Make Them Unless You Read This!

I have a dog’s sad, pleading eyes. When I’m snacking over a tasty treat, it is extremely challenging to not give my dog, Sam, just a taste. Unfortunately, most of the seemingly harmless “people foods” we enjoy can wreak chaos on your poor, unsuspecting dog’s health.

For years, dog experts have agreed that feeding table scraps for a dog has got the possibility to poison. While there are numerous of good dog treat recipes around, you have to try not to use ingredients that are viewed to be harmful for a pet. One such ingredient is grapes.

Grapes are already proven to the kidneys, which can potentially be fatal.

Though it’s not known what number of grapes are viewed fatally toxic, as little as 5 grapes can be poisonous to a dog that weighs 20 pounds.

What will be the signs that the dog has eaten a toxic dose of grapes?

Within a day, vomiting, weakness and diarrhea could be present. However, these symptoms can start within a few hours. You may also notice that your particular dog is urinating less. This may be a symptom of his kidneys shutting down.

What in the event you do now?

If you suspect your dog has ingested any toxic substance, see your veterinarian immediately. It’s likely that your new puppy will be monitored carefully and may receive large doses of fluids until the symptoms subside.

All with this may be prevented by not feeding your dog people food. Find good quality recipes (which might be meant for dogs) and know that you aren’t only treating your dog to some tasty snack, but a safe one, as well.