Encourage Focus and Attention With a Delicious Bitz Dog Treat

Even though they usually come smaller, training dog treats much still contain lots of flavor. Old Mother Hubbard has generated the Bitz distinct training treats to provide your canine friend a lot of delicious taste in each reward. Let your dog know he or she has done well by providing a crunchy biscuit that’s packed full of meaty flavor dogs love. Try Bitz training treats to see how much faster your pet learns when encouraged with juicy, meat flavor!

Health Overview of Bitz Training Treats

Bitz treats are best for canine training because they are specifically portioned into smaller sizes. You won’t have to worry about over feeding your canine friend during training, be a catalyst for weight gain. Bitz treats can help your canine friend remain focused and interested, that’s good for a healthy mind, whilst the size can help you stay with healthy portions no matter how many services you choose to work through. Whole foods are used in most Bitz treats, so your dog is eating only high quality ingredients which are ideal for optimized health.

Manufacturer’s Snapshot: Old Mother Hubbard

For eight decades, Old Mother Hubbard pet supplies has been producing quality dog treats as well as other pet-related items. Based in Massachusetts, Old Mother Hubbard has had its place among other popular pet supply manufacturers since 1926. When creating each recipe, a team of animal health professionals can be used to formulate a great balance of taste and ingredients. A commitment to quality makes Old Mother Hubbard a trendy choice among canine owners. Each product is created using human grade whole-foods.