Gourmet Dog Treats – A Delicious Reward Or a Waste of Money?

There is a lot of disagreement over gourmet dog treats. Some people believe that gourmet treats are only for appearances only and so are a means for entrepreneurs to acquire to shell out more money. On the other hand, some puppy owners rely on gourmet dog treats, insisting they’re of the higher quality and taste that their dog deserves. Consider the benefits and negative elements of gourmet dog treats and decide when it is worth your dollars to get them for the pet.

Artistic Creations in Dog Treats

There isn’t any argument about the appearance of gourmet dog treats. Many are built with care and detail. Shops that sell this kind of treat often get them to manually, into the decorations. There are fun novelty shapes like burgers and fries, or seasonal varieties that celebrate various holidays. Some are just plain pretty, with pinks, blues and other colors. Of course, each side the treat is definitely meant for the human instead of the canine. They can do wonders to wear up any doggy birthday celebration.

Fresh Dog Treats for your Pet

Since many gourmet shops make their very own dog treats, you know you might be purchasing a product which is just one step far from homemade. Some people prefer to offer this on the commercial treat that has been using a bag for weeks or months before being shipped on the local super market. Technology has made packaging more air tight, so actually, most treats stay fresh for many of the shelf-life. Always check expiration dates before selecting. Of course, with gourmet treats made yourself, you will not receive an expiration date and possess to take the clerk’s word because of it.

The Price Factor

Cost can be a huge limiting factor when researching dog treats. The difference is pretty obvious between gourmet and commercial treats. You will pay a great deal more per treat when you choose gourmet. For the same price as being a large bag of commercial treats, you may be able to acquire only 2-3 single gourmet treats. Depending on how often your puppy is offered a canine cookie, this may end up expensive.

Treat Shopping and Time

Most gourmet pet supply stores have limited hours and locations. That means you will need to spend more time searching for them and may even be somewhat restricted about when you’re able to buy your puppy’s treats. Although for some people, this really is easy to fit into their schedule, others may like the flexibility of shopping for from another, more accessible source.

Unique Gourmet Flavors

Gourmet treats are often designed with a huge choice of unique flavors you’ll not find with a supermarket as well as pet supply store. These are usually ‘designer’ flavors with elegant names. In most cases, the names usually are meant to draw human attention. Most dogs appreciate a goody whatever flavor it is, with some exceptions.

Some canine owners prefer to go the middle route. They buy gourmet dog treats as being a special reward, whilst keeping some cheaper commercially packaged treats on hand at the same time. Your pet will appreciate the variety. If you have the money to pay, then gourmet treats could be alright for your pet. However, make sure you understand in the event the treats were made and what ingredients were utilized. Either way, your canine friend will appreciate the special reward he or she gets however much you spent or how fancy they appear.