Gourmet Dog Treats – How Luxury Dogs Dine and Get Treated

How can you properly feed and reward the earth’s most luxurious, most fashionable, designer-clothes-donning dog? Fine dining is necessary, and any treat won’t do. What you need are luxury treats which are fit to the upscale pet like, say, gourmet treats, along with the finest food accessories which are equal to your special chinaware.

How Your Dog Can Dine in Style

Your spoiled, upscale pet deserves nothing short of fine dining, and becoming him a designer dog bowl or feeder is surely a must. Here are some highly recommended ones.

Juicy Couture Ceramic Bowl Set of Two – some two fabulous-looking bowls for the glamorous Juicy Couture dog; the bowls have been in alternating pink and brown color combinations and are avalable for less than $55.

Juicy Couture Bowl Travel Set – a handy two-bowl set disguised as being a small rounded bowler handbag. This is perfect for if you plus your dog are traveling around. There’s no reason to compromise your animal’s fine dining habits if you are on the highway.

Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier monogrammed bowl – an easily affordable artistically monogrammed bowl from creative doggie couture brand Christian Audigier

Fleur de Lis bowl by Christian Audigier – Your royal punk pet deserves this fashionable glam rock bowl in black with gold fleur de lis prints.

Christian Audigier Safari – an appealing animal-print bowl in shades of pink.

How to Reward Your Beloved Dog

And if you have such fabulous bowls and feeders, you need to require right food and dog treats to set included. Why not get gourmet food to your pet to savor? Show the world that your dog’s got class by feeding and treating them simply to the finest food and treats within the land.

Your pet will really feel especially rewarded for obedience and cool little tricks should you reward them with great-tasting gourmet dog treats. Several specialty food stores may give your canine friend delicious and also prepared treats that won’t just taste or look good, but are also made using only the safest and dog-friendly ingredients around.

If you want to reward and motivate your canine friend, these tasty and interesting-looking gourmet treats will certainly spoil your dog. You can select from donuts, pretzels, dipped bones, cones, cocktail-shaped treats, cookies, and the like. There are chicken jerkies, sweet potato, chicken rings, berries, chicken poppers, lamb sticks, beef sticks, duck sticks, chicken dumbbell treats for dogs, rice sticks, beef strips, baked pumpkinf, lamb cuts, porkhide rolls, banana or pineapple slices, so many other gourmet treat choices. If you wish to watch your canine’s diet, you can find some grain-free commercial dog food as well.

Some shops offer pet gift baskets that already include a mix of the tastiest and many tempting gourmet treats. These pet gift baskets also can contain toys, perfumes, and spa supplies, besides gourmet – on the whole, they create the perfect gifts for each and every occasion.