Healthy Dog Treats: 7 Simple Steps To Creating Healthy, Nutritious Treats

Are you sick of feeding your pet expensive, processed treats? Do you know what goes into them? One sure-fire strategy to make sure you know what your puppy is eating is always to prepare foods yourself – keep reading for 7 easy steps easy methods to make easy, healthy and delicious treats your pet will cherish you for!

I advocate a raw diet, however, if you see the thought of starting your pet with a natural, raw diet too daunting at the moment, a little help the proper direction is making your own personal treats, as opposed to buying them.

These treats are a fantastic addition; make sure they are small to use as being a training incentive or larger for some, between-meal snacks.

What quality of ingredients should I be using? My dog will likely be OK on basic items, right?

I know it isn’t really always possible, or financially viable, but when you are able, I urge you to use organic/free-range/wild/line-caught ingredients whenever you can. This will cut the volume of pesticides and/or hormones you inadvertently feed your pet.

Do I always have to buy raw ingredients?

When sourcing your ingredients make use of the following as being a guide regarding how to choose it – it’s as a way of preference i.e. the closer to the natural state the greater. Of course, it’s not always possible to buy raw constantly so all these are ok:


Cooked but fresh

Cooked in the packet

Cooked in the tin

STEP 1 – Start with a protein (about 75% of total mixture)

I would recommend the principle ingredient, when you first start making your personal healthy dog treats, needs to be meat or fish. Blitz in the mixer to lessen to your pulp. With something like cooked fish, then flaking will likely be enough. Ideas are:








STEP 2 – Add a raw egg

Adding an egg helps you to produce a sloppy paste texture, that will bind everything together inside cooking process.

Eggs are great as is also filled with high quality protein, essential amino acids and naturally occurring vitamin D and so are known to be just the thing for your eye area.

STEP 3 – Add an oil/fat (about 5% of total mixture)

Great oils to make use of are coconut or extra virgin olive oil.

My personal preference is coconut because it is quite possibly the most superior oil therefore far better to cook with because it survives the heating process. There are numerous many benefits with coconut oil including cholesterol-lowering properties that occur like a result of stimulating the thyroid, which in turn can help to lessen weight.

STEP 4 – Add a carbohydrate (about 20% of total mixture)

This is used to thicken the mixture as well as giving a wholesome supply of energy. There is emerging evidence to suggest that an over-exposure to cooked grain as a main filler/energy source may be accountable for numerous gastrointestinal and pancreatic complaints in dogs. With that in mind, I would stay away from cooked grains, as much as possible and if you are doing use flour, avoid using wheat flour. Spelt flour is water-soluble same with extremely simple to digest and is particularly a great source of fiber and relatively loaded with protein. Ideas:

Cooked sweet potato (mashed like the skin)

Spelt flour

STEP 5 – Mix each of the ingredients up in a bowl

If your mixture is for the runny side then pour against each other in a baking dish and cook it like you would a cake.

If your mixture is chunky or fairly firm, then it is a pleasant idea to place teaspoon sized dollops of the mixture on with a baking tray.

STEP 6 – Bake them in a moderate oven

If you utilize a baking dish, then cook for around 20 mins depending on the size of it.

If you make teaspoon sized treats, cook for around 7-10 minutes.

STEP 7 – Cool and chop into appropriate sized chunks and serve

This recipe should make treats which are moist and cake-like, not dry biscuits. These treats can last as much as 5 days within the fridge, if you possess extra it is possible to put those involved with an airtight container or bag and freeze and soon you need them.

An extra tip! If you want to include any fruit or vegetables with your healthy dog treats cause them to ripe and therefore are pulped/mashed so they can be absorbed from your dogs digestive tract.

To your dogs health!