Holiday Safety For Your Dog

Each year during the Holiday Season veterinarians see more gastrointestinal cases compared to what they do through the other 10 months. This is due to all the “stuff” our pets eat which their digestive systems can’t handle. We want these to have the ability to partake in our festive activities but and we don’t intend to make them ill in the act. There are several ways our pets get these “little meals” throughout the Holidays!

* Getting into the trash

* Feeding scraps

* Counter surfing

The first 2 are fairly easy to avoid by not feeding our pets Holiday table scraps by ensuring the trash is obtained after cleaning. We are planning to touch on approaches to help prevent the third one, “counter surfing”.

Counter surfing could be the name directed at the act of stealing things off a counter or table. Our pets have this kind of keen sense of smell if they are able to find the actual quantities of drugs hidden in luggage, they can also easily smell those great goodies looking at the counter while we are eating our Holiday meals. I am sure almost all of you’ve experienced things disappearing from the counters. What can we all do to help our canine friends?

Compare counter surfing to playing scratch off lottery. You buy a ticket. Your dog sniffs air. You scratch the ticket; your pet jumps about the counter. You win $1.00; your dog finds easy. Do you begin to see the pattern? You may only win now and then, but the regarded winning keeps you buying tickets. If your dog ever finds food around the counter, he or she will continue to check returning to see what treasure is awaiting them!

While I am with the food prep, I often like to give my dogs healthy dog treats if they are sitting or lying quietly. The treats should come out of your pocket or some other area, never the counter! This will teach your canine that sitting or lying quietly is rewarding and as everybody knows, behaviors which can be rewarded are repeated.

A method I use to instruct dogs to visit an unique place while cooking in the kitchen area or perhaps in the living area eating, begins by putting a dog bed in the corner of the room or just beyond your room where one can see your ex. I then lure them to the bed, ask them to take a nap and grow, then provide them with a wholesome dog treat. I continue by treating them every half a minute and slowly increase the time between treats. You’ll find that eventually your pet dog companions begins gonna their bed without getting asked! Don’t forget to reward them after they make this happen on their own.

Remember, training our dogs to not jump on the counter not only helps make the Holidays more pleasurable for individuals, but causes it to be safe and fun on their behalf also!

Have a Safe and Fun Holiday Season!