How to Make Homemade Dog Treats Last Longer

Homemade dog treats are enjoyable and simple to produce but if you’ve made them and found them growing mold right after days at room temperature you might want to know why. The reason is moisture.

We all need water to call home but it’s not a friend to anything kept in storage. If you’ve ever were built with a flooded basement and later found a moldy box, what happens I mean. Your freshly made treats can last longer within the refrigerator of in case you freeze them.

The Problem with Moistness

Dogs love fresh baked treats. They definitely understand the difference. No surprise there, particularly when they’re used to supermarket variety baked the death treats – ahem – Milkbone.

With homemade treats, you can control the constituents, even baking grain free ones in case you choose. And if you have a dog who’s gum problems, he’ll appreciate the softness.

However, it’s precisely this softness that produces these phones mold quickly. They have a high moisture content. You should definitely refrigerate them for longer lasting treats.

For example, take pupcakes constructed with applesauce, once you bake them, they’re moist and delicious. They’re going to work for a few days in your counter, around three weeks in the fridge. Dogs love them in case you would like to allow them to have as gifts or just have them keep going longer, you will have to dry them out.

How to Make Them Last Longer

One strategy is to bake a treat with drier ingredients. Right off the bat these lasts longer.

Another way is to bake low and slow. You can bake homemade treats in a lower temperature for a longer time. For example, if the recipe says to bake at 375 for 20 minutes, it is possible to transform right down to 225 and bake 60-90 minutes (or longer, you need to check them frequently to make sure they just don’t burn).

Thirdly, you’ll be able to bake them per the recipe instructions, permit them to cool then put them in a dehydrator. A dehydrator will pull out the moisture and you will have dry, hard treats that last months.

Another thought is storage. Before you package them up into bins or cute bags, make sure they’re at room temperature. If they’re warm and you also stick them away, you’ll boost the potential for mold.

Some dog treat bakers bake, dehydrate then freeze the treats bringing rid of it to room temperature before packaging.

So, wow, key things to consider for making homemade dog treats go longer. You can find great homemade dog treat recipes here.