Know the Truth About Commercial Dog Food

Much has evolved nowadays when it comes to feeding your pets. Take it from me. Living in a property brimming with dogs as I was maturing, I clearly keep in mind that we used to give our pups whatever food we have left up for grabs – scraps. Nope. No commercial food in those days. But I tend not to hear our dogs complaining.

And though our pets never had a flavor of commercial commercial dog food, they lived a good and fruitful life starting from 18 to 20 plus yrs . old. We all know that commercially prepared food has been created through intensive research and development to provide the right nutrition required by our canines, but tell me, the reason our dogs lived an extended life feeding on whatever we humans eat? Is it so distinct from the food we eat?

Advertising Overload

With advertising bombarding us nearly everywhere, puppy owners have been tricked into believing this is actually ideal. Some dog food are tagged as good quality and though I tend not to doubt they may be, many pet owners believe that feeding their pups this may obtain the right nutrition because of their pups — better than what we humans ingest and infrequently, a trifle pricier too.

Believe me, whenever puppy owners come into a conversation, they can’t help but compare what pet food or should I say, “brand” of food they are buying. Commercials have effectively inculcated within the minds with the puppy owners that commercial dog treats is perfect for dogs and human food is good for humans. Never mind that dog or human food, both come through the same sources. I have not been aware of artificial food as of this time. Some owners think giving dogs human food deprive them from the nutrition they must have for growth and development.

Just the Same, It is Processed Food

It could be difficult to convince a dog owner from realizing that human and dogs alike need nutrition which giving a dog human food will not deprive your dog from anything. Not because our your meals are not pellet-sized won’t mean it lacks the required nutrients for your pet dog to develop fit and strong. I guess it’s understandable that propriety had connected with this distinctive line of thinking. If dogs can eat our food, I mean can you, an individual, eat dog food?

But something is made for sure, these commercial foods are processed food. Therefore, it is going by having a procedure that requires mixing it with additives and preservatives like all processed human food. Such procedure degrades whatever nutritional value it can have. Therefore, dogs are certainly not best with commercial dog food either. Dog owners think it.