Merrick’s Lamb Fillet Squares – Real Flavor For Your Pet

Savory Lamb Filet Squares: Your Pet’s New Favorite Snack

Many canines adore the flavor of real lamb. Merrick Pet Care has identified this admiration, creating Lamb Filet Squares. These treats will entice dogs with an alluring aroma along with the flavor of real lamb. The texture of each and every Lamb Filet Square makes the treat a lot more delicious. These dog treats are manufactured softer, so puppies and senior canines can engage in them quite easily.

Health Overview of Merrick’s Lamb Filet Squares

With a solid target nutrition, Merrick Pet Care offers canine owners a wholesome treat their pets will enjoy. Each Lamb Square comes packed with protein to provide dogs energy. This is a lot more important in older dogs and growing pups. Dogs on a diet can easily enjoy Lamb Filet Squares, and owners can appreciate the soft consistency that is easily broken into smaller pieces to allow for an overweight dog’s dietary needs.

Manufacturer Snapshot: Merrick Pet Care

Merrick Pet Care is often a family owned business which was created unexpectedly. When the Merrick family created dog treat prototypes for any potential client, they ended up with a hand picked order. The Merrick’s encountered issues trying to get the prototype treats duplicated. What started being a simple sales hype converted into a thriving business still operating nearly twenty years later. In 2002, development began on additional product lines, including gourmet pet foods. These eight additions were introduced in 2003, featuring human grade ingredients. Further notoriety was handed when Merrick’s canned pet food was featured in Gourmet magazine. Dry food later followed.