Positive Dog Training Techniques – Do Treats Work?

Some people think the one way of positive training is to use treats. Certainly, most elementary commands could be taught with treats; however, treats aren’t actually an easy way of correcting behavior problems or encouraging obedience.

Dog training is dependant on consistency. Giving a treat when a dog exhibits an adverse behavior simply rewards that behavior and encourages your dog to do it again. Similarly, in the event you give your canine a delicacy as a reward for positive behavior, your canine will expect receive a goody each time he behaves properly, which could ultimately cause problems.

There are many why you should stay away from treats for training purposes:

Treats do not benefit housebreaking. What gets into must emerge.

Some dogs are overly excited by treats and are actually more difficult to control when meals are involved.

Some dogs are certainly not food motivated in any respect.

Once a dog is full, he may won’t obey the command while he will no longer loves the reward.

Some dogs have food allergies.

Do you really want to have to transport treats around together with you all the time to get your puppy to obey?

A better form of positive training is ‘praise’ training, where the dog is praised and loved when he does what we should want. Rather than expecting a goody, he is rewarded with praise and approval — that is what most dogs need off their owners. Praise and approval can be something you won’t ever use up all your!