Teaching the Down Command With Dog Treats

The down command could be far easier to show when utilizing the motivation provided by dog treats. Many canines are a great deal more inclined to function hard for their reward when they comprehend it will be something tasty. Before you begin, discover how to effectively use treats to exhibit your pet the optimal way to perform lay down command.

Treat Selection

Starting using the proper dog treats is very important. Avoid large size biscuits which are not designed for training purposes. There are products specifically for designed for training. These usually appear in a very small size. You can also design your individual from your pet’s favorite treats. Just cut them into bite size portions, just big enough and also hardwearing . pet doing work for the reward. Consider incorporating 2 or 3 difference flavors so your pet never knows which can be expected. This will also prevent boredom from setting in.

The Down Command Step One

At this aspect, your puppy should know the sit command. After placing your furry friend inside a sit position, make use of a treat to direct their attention on the ground. This is done by holding the dog treat before them at ground-level. Naturally, your furry friend will likely be inclined to bend down for your reward. Each time they has an incentive. At first, use dog treats to progress into the right position. However, after that, use your hand as being a guide with no treat, on this occasion rewarding with petting and praise.

The Down Command Step Two

This command is a lot easier to train if your dog already knows the touch command. Remember to slowly move the dog treat forward, so your pet must lower his / her top half down so that you can reach out for that reward. If your canine friend actually compares and takes steps forward, then quickly move her or him back and present the sit command again. No reward ought to be given for standing. Only encourage movement on the ground.

The Down Command Step Three

Eventually, your furry friend arrive to understand that their top half should touch the ground to earn your dog treat. As progress is made, set the bar higher and switch out treat rewards for praise. Each time a new goal is met, offer a treat. Small stages in between should earn petting. Also remember to make use of a similar command each time you provide. “Down” or “lay” are great choices. A single syllable command might be easier for many dogs to know, especially since this is an early on step in obedience training. Consistency is essential when both speaking the command and following up with your canine friend’s reaction.

The lay or down command is quite helpful at a later date when teaching a stay position. The “down stay” is commonly used like a default position to put your canine friend in when keeping your ex close by and away from trouble. Once your furry friend has perfected the down command, add distractions and reinforce with dog treats.