The Correct Method of Training to Put a Muzzle on Your Dog

Some pet owners shudder at the thought of muzzling their dog but sometimes there’s no other alternative. It is an absolute must for dogs that report aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people. There are times, however, that muzzles are useful, for example applying medicine in a very dog’s ear. Even the most timid and relaxed dog can lash out and bite someone if it’s under stress. A trip to veterinarian is often a classic example. No matter the reason, it is vital that eventually you train your canine to utilize a muzzle.

Proper training to obtain the dog to readily accept the muzzle should be done in the way that your pet feels the muzzle is good and not a negative punishment

You first question is probably what sort of muzzle in case you buy. Well, there are a few different styles to select from, for example cloth or mesh muzzles to basket muzzles made of leather or plastic. Some dog muzzles are created for dogs with long or short snouts. Make sure the muzzle fits properly. If it is too tight, it might hurt your pet but if you buy built to be too loose, the dog can potentially pull it off.

So now that you’ve chosen an appropriate muzzle begin training your dog to simply accept it. The dog must feel safe and safe it. In order to make sure your new puppy feels using this method, I like to do the training slowly and patiently. I begin by finding a treat and placing it inside muzzle. I typically use greenies dog treats but any treat will perform. Once the treat is within the muzzle allow the dog to position its nose within it, smell and take in the treat. Don’t secure the muzzle as of this time. You are doing every one of the groundwork now to find the dog utilized to the muzzle itself. It will take other events of this until your pet feels comfortable enough to allow it on longer periods of time.

The the very next time your pet puts its nose inside muzzle for the treat then you’re able to perform the straps up. Let it wear the muzzle for the few minutes before it cool off. As you continue this routine, gradually increase how much time you allow the muzzle on your dog. Don’t forget you could give your pet additional treats to assist it relax.

If at any point your new puppy become agitated or stressed, consider the muzzle off and return to an earlier step inside training. Remember, patience is key.