Too Much Exercise Can Be Punishing For Dogs

Several years ago my friend Thomas embarked on a 3-month hiking adventure in Europe. The goal of his trans-European trek ended up being to attain the mission church of Santiago de Compostela in Spain from his home in the medieval southern German capital of scotland- Freiburg, a distance of around 1,000 miles.

And, he thought, exactly what a fantastic potential for hours and hours of daily, fresh outdoor exercise for Anko his Labrador retriever. Anko was 6 years back then, weighed about 60 pounds, and is at good physical condition.

It didn’t require much time for Thomas to understand, however, that such an ambitious goal wouldn’t be realized inside time-frame he previously envisioned. In fact, after about 4 hours of brisk walking with Anko that first day, he was afraid which he most likely are not capable to even continue his journey at all.

The problem was not with Thomas’ stamina but Anko’s.

Instead of seeking to cover 15 miles that first day, both needed to stop during the day after only about 6 miles – Anko simply can’t walk any more and was very exhausted.

On the next and third day of similar experiences with Anko, Thomas sensibly scaled back his promises to be back in Freiburg in August or September rather than mid-June. Thus, the pace on this journey would be driven by Anko, not by himself.

It seems surprising to many people, that dogs would not have an infinite method to obtain energy and stamina. But any Veterinarian will explain that this misguided belief that all dogs love to run nonstop for miles needs to be dispelled.

Therefore, one needs to prepare the dog for extended hikes to restore an excellent experience not merely for that hiker also for the dog.

The following is just a very general selection of items you should include in your planning. You might have to perform more to obtain your wonderful dog ready for an extended hike.

1.Have a Veterinarian look at dog to be sure your dog is good to go with a longer hike

2.Get him accustomed to a doggy bookbag. Your dog can safely carry about a third of his bodyweight.

3.Increase the walking distances gradually with your canine

4.During the hike improve the level of food up to 100 % depending on how strenuous the hike is.

5.Feed your dog twice daily and give him plenty treats between meals

6. Make sure your canine gets to drink frequently

7.Pack a First Aid kit for your puppy

So, please, hikers, always enjoy your favorite outdoor activities using your favorite companion by your side. But also remember that dogs like people, should be conditioned for any strenuous activity.