Using Treats to Train Your Pooch

Most professional dog trainers agree that training yields the best results when working with positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors. Your pet will learn to answer your commands quicker in case you provide treats and praise than should you punish him for failing to do so. The challenge offers these rewards in a way that is consistent as well as simple for him to interpret.

This article will give you some best practices for giving your pooch treats like a behavioral motivator. You’ll learn to encourage his compliance along with your commands and ultimately wean him from food so he’ll respond with out them. We’ll also provide a few suggestions for choosing the proper form of rewards.

Tips For Using Treats For The Best Results

Small components of food are the best approach to shape your dog’s behavior. But, to allow them to work, he or she must realize that he can receive them if he complies together with your wishes. Be clear about your intentions. For example, if you’re training him by sitting at the command, show him the food morsel before telling him to “sit!” If he responds successfully, give him the treat immediately so he’ll increase the risk for connection between compliance and reward.

Also, research various kinds of foods to determine which are his favorites. He’s more prone to respond if he knows he’ll receive something he enjoys. Pieces of cheese and chicken are generally popular with canines. That said, your pooch could possibly have unique tastes.

In order to hold his attention, guarantee the pieces you provide him with are small; he are able to swallow it quickly. That way, he’ll willingly respond so that you can receive more.

Weaning With Praise

Many owners are not able to wean their canines off foods while training them. This creates an expectation for treats that can become challenging to break. Eventually, your pet might dwindle willing to reply to you if he believes he can not receive his favorite indulgence for the process.

The solution is to limit treats towards the initial stage to train. Once your canine has learned the behavior you expect from him, slowly start to replace food with praise and physical attention. He’ll learn that while he cannot anticipate to receive his favorite food whenever he responds, he will receive your attention. And that’s nearly as good.

Choosing The Right Rewards

The right sort of food rewards can enjoy a tremendous role of their effectiveness. First, stay away from giving your canine treats with a high-sugar or high-fat content. Provide something nutritious, including chicken or beef. Second, use items that are soft in lieu of hard and crumbly. If you give your pooch something breaks apart on the floor, you’ll lose his attention while he scurries to vacuum the pieces. Third, as noted earlier, experiment to discover which treats your puppy prefers. The more irresistible these are to him, the longer you’ll hold his attention.

Food treats will be the very best strategy for shaping or influencing your dog’s behavior. The key is to supply him with what he likes, be consistent, and slowly wean him by replacing the edible items with praise. He’ll gradually rely less on the treats and appear toward earning your attention.