Yet Another Reason To Start Making Your Own Homemade Dog Food and Treats

I happened upon a new article on MSN today warning about dehydrated chicken treats which are making some dogs very ill. I’ve been feeding these treats to my dog, Buster, for decades. He loves them and I was running of the perception them to be much better for him than processed raw hide. Besides, investing in a dehydrator and making my own, personal gave the look of a real total waste of time and cash when I could just pick-up a pound of the at as little as 10 dollars.

But my, the price we buy convenience. Apparently, I missed the initial article from November, 2011 which first warned concerning the possible illness that these may cause. The symptoms are like the ones that have been spread in canned dog food back in 2007. Mostly decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting, diarrhea, increased water consumption and increased urinating. Increased water consumption and increased urinating are symptoms of glucose imbalance and should be mentioned with your vet under any circumstances.

If your dog has been fed chicken jerky recently and it has any of those symptoms, please drive them in your vet immediately. Most dogs have recovered, but it’s safer to be prudent and ensure than to be sorry later. There is also a web page managed by the FDA that can be used to submit a complaint about pet food or treats.

What is the retail price of convenience? Is it worth expensive medical intervention, the emotional toll and worry? As humans, we have a tendency to wander down the path of life not really thinking about the implications and consequences in our daily choices before repercussions jump out at us. This is one instance I hope gives one person pause for thought helping one family take better proper care of their pet pre-emptively, before tragedy strikes.

So, I’m away and off to obtain a pet treat maker plus a large pack of chicken tenders in the food store tonight. These are only treats, so I’m planning on buying a normal sized container of chicken tenders and filleting these phones make sure they are very thin. This will help be sure that they get properly dehydrated as water contributes to bacteria growth.

In conclusion, you just can’t be certain that pre-packaged products that you buy are already handled with all the utmost care in any respect points in the manufacturing process. Something as natural and wholesome looking at dehydrated chicken tenders can still have harmful additives or bacteria that can make your animal very sick.