You Want Me To Train Where?

Can’t find enough time to practice? Life too hectic? Too much to accomplish?

We all have good intentions. Sometimes life just gets in the manner. We defer that which you know we have to do.

When you are looking for proper dog training, we all want a properly behaved dog but it can be challenging to find time to teach your new puppy what we want. They won’t figure it out by themselves, as much as we’d like to consentrate so.

One thing many of us do – is check out the lavatory…

What? What has that got to perform with proper dog training?

Dog training is around finding chance to reinforce behaviours you would like to see more of. When I visit a client’s house, I let them know a good way to get much more of a behaviour is always to capture it! That means watch out for something your dog naturally offers and even see really, for example sit or down, or even a cute head tilt and reward it! The more something is rewarded, the harder it’s going to occur. When you are lounging around watching TV or on the computer and your dog naturally settles right into a relaxed down (on a single hip), quietly reward it.

I don’t suggest teaching everything in this way as it can certainly take a long time but I do recommend it as being an adjunct to training with luring and shaping.

I recommend keeping small containers with treats in a variety of rooms, available as rewards.

Here is the place the bathroom has the photo. Don’t worry, I won’t get too personal!

I know, without a doubt, my dog offer a major long stretch when I am in the lavatory. At first I didn’t do much about this and simply thought, isn’t that cute.

Then the trainer section of my brain kicked in. I decided to keep a smaller container of treats handy, (around the back in the toilet) in all of the my bathrooms. From that moment on, every morning, I began marking (“yes”) and rewarding that spontaneous stretch.

It didn’t take long before I was able to give a verbal signal. I tried to believe of something snappy and fun but all I created was “stretch”. I’m not terribly creative that way but I will have a great behaviour on cue now!

That got me considering every one of the behaviours you could train while in the toilet: sit stay, down stay, targeting, backup, sit pretty, play bow, high five, eye contact, play dead, check out mat.

It all depends on the imagination and creativity!

It may appear like a crazy thing but I suggest you make payment for awareness of what your pet does when you are in the toilet. Does he lay down? Reward it! Does he sit? Reward it! Does he play bow? Reward it! Does he spin? Definitely reward it!

Your friends and family may wonder why you have a container of dog treats in the toilet but so what, you will end up finding pleasure in your puppy!